Join us for Worship! Saturdays @ 5 pm and Sundays @ 9 am. You are Welcome Here!
Saved by Grace ~ Led by the Spirit ~ Called to Serve
Please Join Us for a Special Service, Starting at 6:00 pm on Sunday, December 5.

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We will renew our faith, strengthen our hope and share God’s love and joy with one another. The service will be followed by a dessert reception.
How you can participate:
  • Be a Guest: Come and enjoy the service and the fellowship.  Invite friends and family to join you.  This service is for women (or those who identify as such) aged 14 and up.
  • Be a Hostess (or share duties with a friend)
    • Decorate a table and light it with candles
    • Bring a tray of desserts for the reception
    • You may choose to do both or only one of these
  • Help with the Service
    • Readings, prayers, and music. If you are interested in helping with any of this, we would love to have you participate
To RSVP or Inquire about Being a Hostess or Helping with the Service, please send an email to Maureen Braatz or call her at 608.609.9868.

Our desire is that you will leave this event with your hearts filled with Christ.