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Greetings Parents of Sunday School and Confirmation Children,

It is with great joy that we welcome you to the 2022/2023 St. John’s Sunday School year. We look forward to worshipping with you and sharing with you and your children the joy that comes from learning about God’s love for us.

Let’s talk logistics.

This year, we will continue to offer Sunday School at two times – first during the 8:30 am service (starting right after the children’s message) and then also in between services with a shared time during which both groups will get to enjoy making music together.

  • 8:45–9:45 am – Group1
  • 9:30 – 10:30 am – Group 2

You are welcome to attend either Group depending upon your family’s schedule for any particular weekend.

The dates for this fall and the lessons that will be shared:

  1. 9/11 – God’s Work Our Hands Sunday – please join us for a day of service
  2. 9/18 – Rally Sunday:
    1. Church will be from 9:00 – 10:00 am. We will be catching up with milestones (lambs for 3-year-olds, Bibles for those who have not received them) at this service. So please plan to join us.
    2. Sunday School will be from 10:15 – 10:00 am and we ask that you attend with your child/children. You’ll get a chance to meet Pastor Ellen and learn about what to expect this year.
    3. Picnic from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  3. 9/25 – Exploring the Bible
  4. 10/2 – Exploring the Bible
  5. 10/9 – 10 Commandments – Loving God
  6. 10/16 – 10 Commandments – Worshipping God
  7. 10/23 – 10 Commandments – Loving Others
  8. 10/30 – Reformation – School’s out – No Sunday School
  9. 11/6 – 10 Commandments – Living in Community
  10. 11/13 – 10 Commandments – Living in Community
  11. 11/20 – Jesus’s commandments – Being Like Jesus
  12. 11/27 – Thanksgiving – No Sunday School
  13. 12/4 – Christmas program rehearsal
  14. 12/11 – Christmas program rehearsal
  15. 12/18 – Christmas program during 2nd service (run through during 1st service and break)
  16. 12/25 – Christmas – No Sunday School

What happens now?

Registration: Sunday School is open for all children starting at age 3 and going through 6th grade. If you have a child or children in that age range, we ask that you please register them for Sunday School so we can make sure we have enough teachers and supplies ready for the first day. We do not charge a fee for Sunday School, but fund it by collecting Bill’s receipts. Our congregation has been great about helping with this and we are so happy to be able to offer Sunday School without a fee.

If you have children who are confirmed aged (7th and 8th grade) or older, there will be a place for you to indicate this on the form as well. Confirmation classes will begin on Wednesday, September 21. More details to come.

Register Now

Volunteers NeededIn order to make Sunday School run smoothly, we need the help of everyone. We are looking for people willing to:

• Be a lead teacher for a season. This may sound like a big undertaking, but we will provide you with complete lesson plans, assistance with managing the class, materials, and instructions for projects, and lots of support.

We are looking to split the children up by age groups (at the very least into younger and older groups), but will only be able to do so if we are able to find enough teachers to do this.

  • Be a substitute teacher when needed
  • Be a teacher’s assistant: You’ll be asked to help the lead teacher with managing the class, helping with projects, and sharing the message.

If you are interested in helping with Sunday School, please indicate that on the form or you can contact Wendy Parsons directly.