Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain

Did you know that when you have a prayer request, you can call upon St. John’s Prayer Chain? Your prayer request will be shared with the members of the prayer chain, for multiple prayers!

Your prayers will not be made public in the announcement email or during worship, unless a request to do so is included in your request.

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Please Keep in Your Prayers:
The Family of Pierre, Lucia, Becky, Carol, Kris and family, Fred, Konrad, Rich, Beth, Isaac, Bonnie, Kevin, and John.


Active Duty Military Personnel

Corporal Matthew Forster, Camp Pendleton, CA (grandson of Ted and Shelly Boucher)
CM2 Jacob Gothard (grandson of Sandra Linstroth)
Staff Sergeant Curtis Hanna (grandson of Carol Hanna)
Airman Keean Paltz (son of Ron and Teri Paltz)

Air Force Sgt Lindsy Zeter (daughter-in-law of Mike & Susan Zeter)

Homebound Members:
Sheila Andersen, Audrey Appel, Beverly Reindahl, Kathy Slater, and Ruth Yaun.

Other Facilities: John Benedict (Skaalen); Norris Breitbach (Skaalen Magnolia Gardens); Hazel Gaard (Bee Hive, Oregon), Alice Nason, Pat Miller (Skaalen Heights), Bob Outhouse (Milestone, Stoughton); Virginia Riese (Main Street Quarters), Gladys Sage (Skaalen Heritage), and Wayne & Janice Steinhorst (Skaalen Heights).

If you have any questions or requests, please send an email to Laura McGoveran (Church Office) or call the church office at 608.291.4311.