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Did you know that when you have a prayer request you can call or email the prayer chain? Then the prayers will be sent on their way with many praying for you! Prayers are not made public in the announcement email or during Worship unless a request to list the prayer is received. To let the prayer chain know of your prayer, contact Laura McGoveran (Church Office) at 291-4311 or


The family of Robert Salvisberg as they mourn his death; Janet Williams (Ron Nybroten’s cousin) as they mourn the death of her husband, Sam; Paul Mikac (Friend of Meghan Lisowski) recovering in hospital from stroke. For his Family and caregivers; Family and friends of Lanny Corrales; Shirley Miller home, on hospice care; Zander and mother, Alice (Friends of Brenda Outhouse) due to bone disease, Zander has broken his leg for the third time since February; Don Richmond at the Manor, broken bones in both lower legs.

Active Duty Military Personnel
Army Captain Eric Christensen (grandson of Roger and Barb Christensen)
Private Paul Dreher (son of John and Ruth Dreher, and brother to Sarah)
Lance Corporal Matthew Forster, Camp Pendleton, CA (grandson of Ted and Shelly Boucher)
CM2 Jacob Gothard (grandson of Sandra Linstroth)
Staff Sergeant Curtis Hanna (grandson of Carol Hanna)
Airman Keean Paltz (son of Ron and Teri Paltz)

Homebound Members:
Sheila Andersen, Audrey Appel, Beverly Reindahl, Norma Winch, and Ruth Yaun.

Other Facilities: Nona Brookbank (Evansville); Hazel Gaard (Bee Hive, Oregon), JoAnn Helgesen (Oregon Healthcare & Rehab Center), Alice Nason (Elmcroft, Madison), Pat Miller (Skaalen Heights), Shirley Miller (Kettle Park), Don Richmond (Oregon Healthcare & Rehab Center), Virginia Riese (Main Street Quarters), and Gladys Sage (Skaalen Heights)