Communications Team

Communications Team


St. John’s Communication Team’s mission is to study what and how we communicate…within our teams, groups, congregation, and the community…and determine ways to improve that communication. We analyze the processes currently used to distribute information through various media, such as hardcopy advertisements, our website, and our social media platforms. We work to create more effective and efficient ways to increase awareness of that information.

Activities and Objectives:

St. John’s Communications Team:

  • writes posts for our Twitter and Instagram feeds

  • writes posts and creates events for our Facebook Pages (Both the public page, as well as our private group page)

  • adds photos to our Pinterest board

  • creates and distributes flyers and creates banners for St. John’s events

  • keeps the website updated with current and valuable information such as:

  • News and Events

  • Weekly Announcements

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Church Calendar

  • Missionary News

  • Synod Newsletter

  • and much more!

We thank Sheryl for the time she puts in on the website. Sheryl’s workload at her job increased this year, so Laura has been trying to fill in as needed with website updates – still a learning process for now! With the use of the Online Communications Request Form (found on the website), teams or ministries can request advertising in the form of weekly announcements, posters/flyers, pre-worship screen announcements, social media announcements, online forms, and/or website additions/updates. The large monitor above the nametag mailboxes, purchased last year, in addition to the Gathering Area monitor, and the worship screen, are all used for announcing St. John’s news and events.

Our many thanks to Barbara Newhouse for the time she has served on the Communications Team. Barbara & Larry moved to Stoughton this last year, and Barbara felt it was time to step away from the Communications Team with that move. We are happy to report that Barbara will continue to share posts on our Facebook pages, and is willing to continue taking pictures as she can for St. John’s events.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Communications Team? No prior experience is needed! All are welcome! Currently, the team meets as needed.


The Communications Team members are Bob Lindmeier, Sheryl Lindmeier, and Laura McGoveran.

Submitted by Laura McGoveran