Are You New Here?

Are You New Here?

Church Address:
625 E. Netherwood St. in Oregon, WI  53575

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Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday 8 am to 4 pm

Worship Times & Styles

Due to COVID and the redesign of our new sanctuary, we are currently not holding worship services inside the church.  Instead, we are holding two other types of worship services.  One weekly service is being held in person at our Outdoor Worship Center, and one weekly service is being held Online on YouTube.  They are both held on Sundays at 9:00 AM.  

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Our Missions

Our Denomination:  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)  …What is the ELCA of Southern Wisconsin?

Our Mission:  “Saved by Grace — Led by the Spirit — Called to Serve”

Our Vision:  In the context of Oregon and our local community, we, the people of St. John’s Lutheran Church, are called to…

  • Welcome all persons into a life in Christ, fostering acceptance and love in the Spirit. (Community/Evangelism)
  • Offer our diverse community varied Christ-centered worship opportunities that celebrate God’s grace and that affirm, educate, inspire and challenge us in our daily lives. (Worship)
  • Teach the Good News of Christ and challenge (encourage) children, youth and adults to grow in their spiritual lives. (Education)
  • Recognize and share our material and spiritual resources to serve God through church and community. (Service/Stewardship)

If you need to take your children out of the service, we have a staffed nursery for children age 6 and under during both Sunday services and the Sunday School Hour. The nursery room is down the hall, past the office and the restrooms. (If you need assistance, please ask an usher.)

Education Hour

From Labor Day to Memorial Day, we have an education hour between the Sunday services, starting at 9:15. Children ages 3 and up are encouraged to attend Sunday School classes, and there are often educational offerings for adults as well.
Before heading off to a class, stop by the Third Sacrament Café for a cup of coffee and a sweet treat at a reasonable price.
Check the weekly announcements for more information on upcoming opportunities. If you have questions about Sunday School, please contact Jen Kooistra, Director of Education, Youth and Family Ministries or Pastor Paul Markquart.


In Holy Communion, we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus gave to us: Himself. In this meal, we receive Christ’s body and blood through the elements of bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins. All baptized Christians are invited to come forward to receive Holy Communion, including children.  However, if it is not a part of your family preference, we will offer your child a blessing. As you come forward, please come by the center aisle, and return by the side aisle back to your pew. Communion is offered by both red wine, in the first cup, and clear grape juice, in the second cup. The regular wafers are certified nut-free. Gluten-free wafers are available with the presiding pastor; please ask as you approach the server.

Our Staff





Laura McGoveran – Coordinator for Congregational Life

Ondra Williams – Director of Worship and Music

Jen Kooistra – Director of Youth, Family and Education Ministries

Shirley Schiffner – Financial Director

David Klarich – Technical Director

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Our History

St. John’s Lutheran Church was organized on February 7, 1896, and was known as the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Oregon. Our first home was a white framed building on Washington Street where the 40 original members worshipped. In 1934, our name was changed to St. John’s Lutheran Church. Services continued to be in Danish until 1936.

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Want to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about our congregation or how to become a member, please call the church office at 608-291-4311 or send us an email.  We also encourage you to visit the Welcome Center near the entrance to the sanctuary.

Remember, Whoever you are. However you come.

There is always a place for you at St. John’s.