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COVID-19 Update May 2021

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, St. John’s Lutheran has been following the guidelines of the CDC, Dane County, and the Wisconsin Council of Churches. This remains true now. The requirement for wearing masks is being eased. Therefore, St. John’s Council passed a motion at the May 24, 2021, meeting for masks to no longer be mandatory at worship beginning the weekend of June 5 & 6. It is very important for you to feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, if you are more comfortable wearing a mask, wear one. If you are more comfortable not wearing a mask, don’t wear one. There are many reasons someone may wear a mask—they may have an autoimmune disease, they may have high-risk loved ones they are protecting, they may have a chronic disease (heart, cancer, etc), they may not be vaccinated, they may have children who are not vaccinated, or they may simply feel more comfortable in a group of people wearing a mask. This is a personal choice and decision. We are called to be kind and compassionate with each other. The pandemic time has changed life for of all us. Let us gently move into this time when we are learning to be with each other in-person once again.