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St. John’s currently has an open position of Administrative Executive. Read below for details on these job opportunities.


The purpose of the Administrative Executive position is to supervise and facilitate the administrative operations of the St John’s Lutheran Church congregation. The Administrative Executive will seek to understand, support and implement the values, mission and vision of St John’s. The Administrative Executive reports directly to the St John’s Church Council and will work in partnership with the Pastor(s).


  • Financial Management. Work in conjunction with the Finance Team Chair and Treasurer to oversee financial accounting practices and personnel including congregational income, payroll and accounts payable. Maintain tools to review cash flows, financing needs and reporting requirements. Evaluate decisions and policies from a financial and legal perspective. Provide feedback to the St John’s Church Council and the Ministry Team chairs on financial positions in each area, key trends, decision points and coordinate budget preparation. Maintain relationship with banking institutions, insurance providers, equipment vendors and similar organizations. Assist in the design and execution of programs to improve congregational stewardship and meet capital funding needs. Review insurance coverage annually. Oversee the payment of salaries and benefits for paid staff and administer personnel policies. Assist in the preparation and review of annual ministry plans and make recommendations regarding personnel related matters in conjunction with the Executive Team or Pastor(s). Attend monthly Finance Team meeting and bi-monthly Memorial/Endowment meeting.
  • Facilities Management. Carry primary responsibility to oversee existing church facility and assets working with the Property Team chair. Oversee the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the existing facility. Serve as the purchasing agent to place major equipment orders as needed, negotiate service agreements, supply contracts and other business arrangements and documents as needed. Provide for effective facility usage including building access and security for all building users. Attend monthly Property Team meeting.
  • Information Services. Serve as the primary contact with outside organizations, and review computer system needs making recommendations for improvements.
  • Staff Supervision. Supervise building maintenance and custodial staff. Work with the Pastor(s) to coach and support all staff.
  • Coordination and implementation of St John’s Mission and policies. Assist Pastor(s) in leadership development and in policy development to coordinate various ministry activities, to engage and empower the congregation volunteers and support the successful implementation of various programs as needed.
  • Strategic Planning. Work in partnership with the Pastor(s) and the St John’s Church Council to ensure the mission of St John’s is integrated into the strategic planning and programs as well as the day-to-day tasks.


  • Demonstrated skills in organizational management, with solid administrative and supervisory skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written with strong analytical and negotiating skills. Strong public speaking skills.
  • Self-motivated with demonstrated ability in decision-making, problem solving and process thinking.
  • Demonstrated skills in team building.
  • Good judgement in business and personal matters and able to respect confidential information.
  • Financial experience.
  • Computer skills, including word processing, excel and accounting/record keeping is highly desirable.


  • Bachelor’s degree is preferred or equivalent life experience. Major in business administration or a related field is desirable.
  • Five to ten years of administrative experience is required. Ideally, management experience should include increasing responsibilities. Management experience in a secular setting is necessary, with additional church related matters a plus.
  • Experience in Christian leadership and lay ministry is essential. SALARY AND BENEFITS
  • Salary and benefit package depending on experience would be in the range of $55,000+.

For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Pastor Ellen Stelzle at, or 608-291-4311.