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Lefse Making for Our Drive Through Dinner

We Are So Thankful…So Grateful…So Blessed…

With the work of 34 individuals gathering on five days, 1042 sheets of lefse have been made! These were made for our upcoming Fall Harvest drive-thru dinner on Saturday, October 9, 2021. We will also be selling to all the lefse lovers. Proceeds from the sale of lefse will be added to the funds raised through the dinner, which will be for local missions and for missionaries Lori Lehnherr and the Swanson’s. I thank all those who participated in this huge undertaking, and I want you to personally thank those who gave of their time and skills. Many came several times during this month helping in many ways. Those participating were: Ann Starr, Cal Gilbertson, Norris Breitbach, Larry Newhouse, Jim Rowe, Pierre LaPlante, Karen Landerud, Fern Binger, Gudie Huston, Sue Johnson, Phil Johnson, Karen Gipp, Bonnie Haugen, Jean Brown, Carol Wichmann, Bonnie Gilbertson, Judy Maksymo, Shelly Boucher, Pat Wieczorek, Joanne Gladden, Pam Peterson, Dan Cobb, Royce Kreul, Ryan Anderson, Keely Oppermann, Sherryl Cobb, and first-time helpers Pam Parsons, Hillary Carr, Harper Carr (see picture below), Grant Carr, and Wes March and Loretta Himmelsbach who are members of HMC. A special thanks to Larry Newhouse, Cal Gilbertson, and Norris Breitbach who set up two eight-foot tables used in packaging the lefse at each session. Also thanks to Sue Johnson, Bonnie Haugen, and Joanne Gladden for laundering the items used. We are grateful to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for the grant secured by Thrivent member, Karen Kreul. All the costs of the ingredients and supplies were covered by this $250.00 grant. Over 100 packages, of three each, have already been sold. More packages will be available the day of the dinner. We will not be making any more lefse this year. Thanks to all those who have purchased and will be purchasing lefse. God’s Work, Our Hands.  (Submitted by Karen Kreul)