Due to expected rain, our Worship Service will be held INDOORS tomorrow, Sunday, August 7 @ 9 am
Saved by Grace ~ Led by the Spirit ~ Called to Serve

Pastoral Transitions:

This weekend, July 30 & 31, worship services will be led by Rev. Paulette Creswell. Pastor Erich Hartenberger will begin as our full-time, intentional interim starting Monday, August 8, through the worship services on September 11, and will help us prepare for Pastor Ellen’s arrival.

From your Care for Creation Team:

Recycle Containers are here!


Thanks to all who arrived to help at St. John’s workday last Saturday. 
There was a great turnout and we were able to complete all our tasks. Thank you to all the volunteers!
Tasks completed:
*Removed a dead/dying tree
*Spread 10 cubic yards of dirt to fill in low spots and improve drainage
*Spread 5 tons of rock to unify landscape rock around the building
*Spread 5 cubic yards of bark around garden areas

– Mark Peterson, Property Team Chair

August Member Spotlight – Naomi Rockwell

Each month, a member will be featured in our Monthly Member Spotlight section.  This month, we are featuring Naomi Rockwell. Read about Naomi…


“CHRIST IN OUR HOME” for July, August, September 2022 is available for pick up
at St. John’s – both regular and large print editions.

THANK YOU! On behalf of the family of Pat Wieczorek, we would like to thank the members of St. John’s
for their generosity, kind words, and making us feel so welcomed. Thank you to all who contributed
to her celebration of life. Remember her with a smile, as she meant so much to so many of us!

– Respectfully in Christ, Janette Sheeks, niece of Pat

New Communication Request Form

Do you need advertising for your event, meeting, or party? Let St. John’s Communication Team Know and we’ll get it done for you! 



Worship Assistant Schedule – Spring/Summer

This schedule includes dates for our Readers, Ushers, and Communion Servers through September 4. This schedule is also posted on the bulletin board across from the offices. If you find you are scheduled on a day that you will be gone, please find a replacement/trade with someone and inform the office. We can assist in helping you find a fill-in. Most of all, THANK YOU for your time as worship assistants – it is much appreciated! See the Schedule


From Your Care for Creation Team

Consider using a reusable water bottle rather than buying water in plastic bottles. One million plastic bottles are purchased in the US every minute according to Earth Day organizers. 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second of every day. The consumption of plastic bottles is predicted to hit half a trillion every year. This far outstrips recycling efforts and will severely jeopardize our environment and our oceans. The World Economic Forum predicts that by the year 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.





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