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Our New Cross

Installation – March 2021

We collaborated with a company called Design Fugitives, which specializes in art installations for religious institutions, to create an original, one-of-a-kind cross/crown installation for our new space. We have broken away from the Lutheran tradition of a vertical/ horizontal cross design by choosing a conception that gives a new, fresh perspective of Jesus on the cross. The cross is a more abstract design, but when looked at straight on is clearly recognizable as the shape of Jesus on the cross. It is made up of glass-like acrylic in clear blue and white, similar to our stained glass windows, with small bits of red to symbolize where Jesus’s hands, feet, and side were pierced and where the crown of thorns was placed on his head. One “hand” is inviting the congregation to join in worship and the other is blessing His people. At the heart, is an eternal flame, to show that His love for us never wavers and is everlasting. The cross is suspended away from the wall, to reveal the empty wall behind it, representing the empty tomb and the risen Christ. Above the cross, around the lighting ring, is a large crown made up of linear strands of acrylic in blues, greens, and clears, which echo the shape of the white lines in our stained glass windows. This is meant to be both the crown of thorns and a crown of victory, reminding us that Jesus overcame death for our sake.