Saved by Grace. Led by The Spirit. Called to Serve. 2/9/21

Saved by Grace. Led by The Spirit. Called to Serve. 2/9/21

We’ll gather inside this Sunday, February 7th!

Join Pastor Naomi at 10:00am on Sundays…outside by the backyard fire pit!

Watch Our Online Worship Service – February 7 @ 9am:

Watch more Online Worship Services anytime…just visit Our YouTube Channel.

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Current Updates for the Week of February 7:
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Wondering what kind of people go to St. John’s?  View the gallery photos below…

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Our Denomination:  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Our Mission:  “Saved by Grace — Led by the Spirit — Called to Serve”

Our Vision:  In the context of Oregon and our local community, we, the people of St. John’s Lutheran Church, are called to…

  • welcome all persons into a life in Christ, fostering acceptance and love in the Spirit. (Community/Evangelism)
  • offer our diverse community varied Christ-centered worship opportunities that celebrate God’s grace and that affirm, educate, inspire and challenge us in our daily lives. (Worship)
  • teach the Good News of Christ and challenge (encourage) children, youth and adults to grow in their spiritual lives. (Education)
  • recognize and share our material and spiritual resources to serve God through church and community. (Service/Stewardship)

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Church Address:

625 E. Netherwood St. in Oregon, WI  53575

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Office Phone Number:


Emergency Phone Number (please leave a message):


Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8 am to 4 pm

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Our Staff

Naomi Garber – Interim Pastor

Laura McGoveran – Coordinator for Congregational Life

Ondra Williams – Director of Worship and Music

Jen Kooistra – Director of Youth, Family and Education Ministries

Shirley Schiffner – Financial Director

David Klarich – Technical Director

Barb Daane – Office Assistant

Beverly Brinkman – Nursery Assistant

Chris Staveness – Custodial Superintendent

Read about Our Staff

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Remember, Whoever you are. However you come.

There is always a place for you at St. John’s.